The Comings and Goings of


John Umfreville

About the Book

Returning from his missionary work in India, the Reverend Bertram Moorehouse settles his wife and two teenage daughters into a blossoming riverside town in England. He hopes they will become polished and more acceptable to the English gentlemen he hopes will be their husbands. However, he is drawn into the schism between the Temperance supporters and the brewing masonic majority. After a public and private scandal, Reverend Moorehouse finds himself posted to Australia alone, a minister to an ambivalent flock. He soon realises he would be better off with his family in England, but with the Boer war raging, can only get as far as Cape Town. Can he return home, and exact revenge for the wrong that sent him across the world?

About the Author

Following retirement from a career in the petrochemical industry, John Umfreville chose a new path researching the family history and filling in the gaps of earlier works. Separate research was carried out into the history of the malting trade at Henley-on-Thames, which led him to write this novel. Find out more about John.


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Book Information

Publication Date: 23 January 2019

ISBN: 978-1-78132-837-8

Dimensions: 203 x 127mm

Extent: 138 pages

RRP: £7.99


Rights: Worldwide

Ebooks: .epub and .mobi

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